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Your Dedicated Advocates When You Face A Jeopardizing Criminal Charge

Conviction for a criminal charge can result in more than just jail time and fines. Convictions for many offenses have long-lasting effects that may alter the course of your life. A law firm with decades of handling criminal cases can protect your rights and potentially save your future.

Shevin Law Group in Los Angeles has served clients with dedicated criminal representation for decades. Our premier boutique law firm has over 40 years of combined legal experience and our attorneys’ case results speak for themselves. We provide legal services throughout California and beyond.

Standing Up For You When Your Future Is On The Line

Perhaps the greatest threat to a criminal offender’s future is California’s Three Strikes law. First enacted in 1994, the law requires increased penalties for repeat felony convictions. That means if you face your second felony charge and the court convicts you, your sentence in a state prison may be twice the length of time than what a defendant would normally serve. A third serious felony offense requires a minimum sentence of  25 years with a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Thanks to our background in California law and federal laws, we know how to approach your case and strategize in a way that achieves your best possible outcome. Whether you need an advocate in a drug related case, a drunk driving charge, white collar crimes or other criminal charges, we have the resources and knowledge necessary to help protect your future.

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