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California Criminal Law And Cannabis Law Blog

How accurate is DNA evidence?

DNA evidence is frequently used in criminal trials in California. This type of evidence can be collected from blood, bodily fluids, skin cells, hair or anything else that was left at the crime scene. Countless people have been sent to prison over DNA evidence while...

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Are you required to take a field sobriety test?

Police officers in California use the standardized field sobriety tests to help determine if a motorist is driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. But the problem with these tests is that they are not always reliable and could be used as evidence of...

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New California law has prosecutors worried

Several prosecutors in California have raised concerns about a bill Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law on Sept. 30. They are worried because Assembly Bill 3234 allows superior court judges to order criminal offenders to enter diversion programs even when district...

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An overview of sobriety tests

An officer who believes that you are driving on a California road or highway while under the influence of drugs or alcohol may conduct a traffic stop. During the traffic stop, you may be asked to take a series of tests designed to confirm or negate that belief....

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Is AB 3234 a Threat to Public Safety?

While few would dispute that anyone convicted of a misdemeanor crime is entitled to a second chance, what would happen if that “first chance” was wiped from their criminal record? What if the offense committed was driving under the influence. As with anything remotely...

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