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Ruey Slotnick

Office Manager

Ms. Slotnick is an American Bar Association certified paralegal and is an active member of the Los Angeles Paralegal Association. She is an accomplished political fundraiser and, in her free time, volunteers for the Harriett Buhai Center in Los Angeles, which focuses on providing low-income families with family law assistance. Ms. Slotnick’s professional expertise, training and a passion for the cannabis industry make her a vital asset to the Shevin Law Group.

Ms. Slotnick was raised in Denver, Colorado. After moving to Los Angeles, where she currently resides with her husband, she graduated magna cum laude from National University with a Bachelor of Science in paralegal studies. Ms. Slotnick was also awarded a Master of Science from National University of Los Angeles in business administration with a concentration in alternative dispute resolution.

Portrait of Ruey Slotnick