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  • Los Angeles Superior Court, Van Nuys Courthouse – Seizure of 2 lbs. of cocaine suppressed based on illegal search of a hotel room. Case dismissed. Over $22,000 in seized property returned.
  • Los Angeles Superior Court, Torrance Courthouse — Possession for Sale of 85 pounds of cannabis and illegal assault weapons.  All cannabis charges dismissed and cannabis returned.  Firearm charge reduced to misdemeanor. No Jail time.
  • Los Angeles Superior Court, Antelope Valley Courthouse – Cultivation of over 100 lbs. of marijuana. Case dismissed.
  • San Diego Superior Court, Central Courthouse – Possession of 15 lbs. of marijuana with a firearm. Case dismissed due to illegal search of a hotel room.
  • Kern County Superior Court, Taft Courthouse – Transportation of 10 lbs. of marijuana and $22,000 cash with no medical defense. Case dismissed.
  • Los Angeles Superior Court, Criminal Courts Building – Possession for sale of a controlled substance with ten (10) prior felony convictions. Defendant receives probation.
  • Sonoma County, Santa Rosa Hall of Justice – Cultivation of 800 marijuana plants, with $300,000 seized. All felony charges dismissed, reduced to misdemeanors. No jail time.
  • Los Angeles Superior Court, San Fernando Courthouse – Insurance fraud in excess of $300k and arson. Defendant receives probation with no jail time.
  • Central District of California, United States Federal Courthouse – Corporation facing charges of money laundering and illegally structuring payments receives fine and probation.
  • Los Angeles Superior Court, East Los Angeles Courthouse – Illegal operation of a medical marijuana business, operating a business without a permit, and false advertising. Case dismissed.
  • Trinity County Superior Court, Weaverville Courthouse – Possession of currency related to a drug transaction. Case dismissed. $40k returned to defendant.
  • Los Angeles Superior Court, Van Nuys Courthouse – Felony criminal threats charges with $1 million dollar bail. Case dismissed.
  • Los Angeles Superior Court, Van Nuys Courthouse – Defendant arrested and charged with possession of cocaine and narcotic painkillers for sale. Case dismissed.
  • Los Angeles Superior Court, Inglewood Courthouse – Possession for sale of marijuana with prior strike.  Strike dismissed and probation granted.