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Criminal Defense Lawyers


Criminal Defense Lawyers

Knowldedgeable and experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers Focused on Results

Providing Reliable Legal Guidance to People Throughout California

Have you been accused of committing a crime? An experienced criminal defense lawyer — one who advocates for you and explores all your legal options — can help. At Shevin Law Group, our Los Angeles based attorneys fight for the best outcome possible in your case; we do everything we can to protect you and your future. We work hard and care deeply about achieving results for our clients. If you’re not sure where to turn after your arrest, call on our experienced team for a consultation.

Assistance with Various Drug-Related California Criminal Matters

In California, the possession of different drugs comes with varying penalties. In recent years, there has been a major push toward decriminalization, with many officials arguing that a focus on treatment over incarceration will help more people and solve some of the major issues associated with drug crimes. We use our knowledge of California criminal matters, laws and precedents to fight the accusations being made against you and to seek dismissal or reduced charges in exchange for treatment or community service. Our criminal defense experience includes:

  • Drunk driving and DMV hearings. No matter what the circumstances of your drunk driving-related arrest — or if you were driving with a suspended license — we advocate for you in court and with the DMV.
  • Controlled substance offenses. We specialize in defending controlled substance cases of all kinds. We boast a stellar track record of results.
  • Juvenile crimes. Are you a minor, or is your child in trouble with the law? We help you with drug charges, theft-related charges, violent crimes, weapons-related incidents and anything else a juvenile might encounter.
  • Violent crimes and weapons offenses. California law takes crimes of violence and weapons offenses seriously. We take your defense just as seriously, and explore every possible angle to resolve your case.
  • White collar and business crimes. Prosecutors and law enforcement look for criminal activity in places far beyond their local street corners. Businesses and financial transactions are often a source of criminal activity, typically without the parties involved ever being aware. If you or your business is facing criminal charges, our experienced attorneys can help you navigate the maze of criminal liability that can arise in the professional world.

The Serious Nature of Federal Crimes

You’ve probably heard the expression “Don’t make a federal case out of it.” This phrase comes from the fact that federal prosecutions are serious business. While state police will arrest you immediately upon discovering criminal activity, federal law enforcement takes the opposite approach. Federal authorities will sit, watch and wait, sometimes for years, until they have identified everybody involved in a crime and feel that they have a bulletproof case. In most cases, white collar crimes are considered federal offenses. Additionally, federal prosecutors can elect to prosecute state cases that also constitute federal crimes. If you have been accused of one of these crimes, you may face a long prison sentence, large fines, restitution and other penalties. Our Los Angeles attorneys are experienced with an unmatched track record in assisting its' clients in a variety of federal criminal matters, including:

  • Fraud. This is the deceiving of another person with the intent to cause damage, often financial in nature.
  • Internet crimes. If you are being accused of using the Internet to commit a crime, we can help.
  • Tax crimes. If you failed to pay taxes or hide assets to avoid taxation, you may face charges of tax evasion, structuring or other tax-related crimes.
  • Embezzlement. This involves taking money with which you were entrusted, usually over a long period of time.
  • Money laundering. Passing money through a variety of entities to conceal the illegal source is called money laundering. In many cases, this money goes through several different businesses.
  • Drug crimes. Manufacturing, distributing and trafficking illegal drugs are often considered federal crimes, particularly when they involve large quantities, interstate or international operations.

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You deserve to have outstanding legal representation when facing criminal charges. To make sure you protect your rights to the greatest degree possible, call Shevin Law Group at 818.784.2700 or contact us online. We offer free initial consultations and flexible office hours, making it convenient to work with us. Our firm serves individuals accused of crimes in Southern California and throughout the country.

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California Criminal Matters

California Criminal Matters

Los Angeles Attorneys Well-Versed in California Criminal Matters

Laws Are Constantly Changing — We’re on Top of It All

Make no mistake about it — criminal laws in the state of California are complex. If you’ve been accused of a crime, whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, it is vital to consult with a skilled lawyer who gives you options and provides a robust defense strategy.  At Shevin Law Group, we have provided comprehensive criminal representation for people throughout Southern California since 1993.  Clients turn to us because they know we personally fight for the best outcome, working hard and exploring every legal avenue. We care deeply about you and your future.

Current Drug Possession Laws

The penalities for possession of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other substances for personal use have been greatly reduced in recent years, however the penalties still involve substantial jail time.  Any drug conviction may dramatically affects your rights as a citizen of the United States, including the loss of your 2nd Amendment constitutional right to own a firearm.  Felony drug convictions can also negatively affect a person's ability to vote, secure employment or financial aid.

There are many proven, successful resolutions that our skilled Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys can help you achieve. Deferred entry of judgment (DEJ) and Proposition 36 drug diversion programs provide options for non-violent drug offenders if they can fulfill certain obligations to the court and keep their records clean for a  period of time.  California also has drug courts, where cases can be transferred if the defense, prosecution and court can agree that the matter lends itself to treatment rather than incarceration. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys will assist you in examining all the options available to you, and fight for the best possible outcome for your future.  Additionally, Shevin Law Group specializes in fighting cases resulting from illegal search and seizure in violation of the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Drug Sales and Manufacturing

Under California law, possessing illegal drugs with the intent to sell is punishable as a felony. Whether or not a person intends to sell the drugs is typically determined by the presence of packaging, dealer paraphernalia and drug quantity.  Manufacturing drugs of any kind on any level carries some of the harshest felony punishments of all California drug crimes, along with issues such as trafficking and distribution.

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With flexible office hours and free initial consultations, we make it as easy and convenient as possible to secure reliable criminal defense counsel when you need it. Call Shevin Law Group today at 818.784.2700 or contact us online to get started.


Federal Criminal Matters

Federal Criminal Matters

KNOWLedgeable AND Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers Advocate for You

More Than 35 Years of Experience Serving People Throughout THE COUNTRY

Federal criminal charges are some of the most serious charges a person can face, so it’s important to have a skilled criminal defense attorney working on your behalf. With a reputation for providing a vigorous defense and working toward the best possible results, Shevin Law Group has served individuals throughout the country since 1993.  We focus on doing everything we can to protect our clients.  We take a personal interest in your case and want nothing more than the best possible outcome for you, your life, your family, and your future.

What Crimes are Classified as Federal Matters?

The federal government has the ability to prosecute any case that falls under a federal criminal statute. These include violent crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, interstate crimes, international crimes, conspiracy crimes, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) violations, and many others.  Scholars studying the U.S. federal criminal code have often commented that the code can be used to prosecute almost anybody for anything.  If you find yourself facing one of these serious matters, you need the best possible representation at the earliest stage of the problem. Our attorneys are here to help.

White Collar Crime

The term “white collar crime,” first used in the 1930s, originally referred to a crime committed by an individual of a respectable social status. Today, the term more loosely applies to a type of nonviolent crime typically committed in commercial situations for the purposes of financial gain. Several types of crimes can fall under the category of white collar, including:

  • Fraud. Fraud means deceiving another person with the intent to cause damage, often financial in nature. There are many types of fraud, such as computer crimes, credit card fraud, telemarketing fraud and health-care fraud.
  • Tax crimes. This type of white-collar crime happens when a person or entity fails to file a tax return or files a false tax return. Tax evasion is also considered a tax crime.  
  • Embezzlement. Embezzlement is theft of personal property by someone to whom it was entrusted. Most often, embezzlement involves taking money, either small amounts over a long period of time or a large amount at one time, and fleeing.
  • Money laundering. This happens when money is obtained illegally, and then passes through a complex series of transactions to obscure the source before the money is returned to the launderer in an indirect way. This is commonly done using other types of businesses as a way to transfer the money.

Approaching White Collar Criminal Cases

Punishment for white collar crimes can be severe. Some activities are prohibited by specific laws while others are prohibited by a series of laws more generally addressing dishonest behavior.  In some cases, even if prosecutors are able to prove that all elements of the crime were committed, the defendants may not be punished because they have a solid defense strategy.

One defense strategy is entrapment. Another, used by bigger businesses, is to claim that one individual committed the crime without the knowledge or authority of the company. Under California law, if a corporation or company manager becomes aware of a seriously concealed danger within the company, that person is required to immediately report the danger. Failing to do so may result in criminal consequences for the manager and the company

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To set up your free initial consultation, call Shevin Law Group today at 818.784.2700 or contact us online. Our office is conveniently accessible from all major freeways in Los Angeles, and we have flexible hours to meet your needs.