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Have you been accused of committing a crime? An experienced criminal defense lawyer — one who advocates for you and explores all your legal options — can help. At Shevin Law Group, our Los Angeles based attorneys fight for the best outcome possible in your case; we do everything we can to protect you and your future. We work hard and care deeply about achieving results for our clients. If you’re not sure where to turn after your arrest, call on our experienced team for a consultation.

Assistance with Various Drug-Related California Criminal Matters

In California, the possession of different drugs comes with varying penalties. In recent years, there has been a major push toward decriminalization, with many officials arguing that a focus on treatment over incarceration will help more people and solve some of the major issues associated with drug crimes. We use our knowledge of California criminal matters, laws and precedents to fight the accusations being made against you and to seek dismissal or reduced charges in exchange for treatment or community service. Our criminal defense experience includes:

  • Drunk driving and DMV hearings. No matter what the circumstances of your drunk driving-related arrest — or if you were driving with a suspended license — we advocate for you in court and with the DMV.
  • Controlled substance offenses. We specialize in defending controlled substance cases of all kinds. We boast a stellar track record of results.
  • Juvenile crimes. Are you a minor, or is your child in trouble with the law? We help you with drug charges, theft-related charges, violent crimes, weapons-related incidents and anything else a juvenile might encounter.
  • Violent crimes and weapons offenses. California law takes crimes of violence and weapons offenses seriously. We take your defense just as seriously, and explore every possible angle to resolve your case.
  • White collar and business crimes. Prosecutors and law enforcement look for criminal activity in places far beyond their local street corners. Businesses and financial transactions are often a source of criminal activity, typically without the parties involved ever being aware. If you or your business is facing criminal charges, our experienced attorneys can help you navigate the maze of criminal liability that can arise in the professional world.

The Serious Nature of Federal Crimes

You’ve probably heard the expression “Don’t make a federal case out of it.” This phrase comes from the fact that federal prosecutions are serious business. While state police will arrest you immediately upon discovering criminal activity, federal law enforcement takes the opposite approach. Federal authorities will sit, watch and wait, sometimes for years, until they have identified everybody involved in a crime and feel that they have a bulletproof case. In most cases, white collar crimes are considered federal offenses. Additionally, federal prosecutors can elect to prosecute state cases that also constitute federal crimes. If you have been accused of one of these crimes, you may face a long prison sentence, large fines, restitution and other penalties. Our Los Angeles attorneys are experienced with an unmatched track record in assisting its' clients in a variety of federal criminal matters, including:

  • Fraud. This is the deceiving of another person with the intent to cause damage, often financial in nature.
  • Internet crimes. If you are being accused of using the Internet to commit a crime, we can help.
  • Tax crimes. If you failed to pay taxes or hide assets to avoid taxation, you may face charges of tax evasion, structuring or other tax-related crimes.
  • Embezzlement. This involves taking money with which you were entrusted, usually over a long period of time.
  • Money laundering. Passing money through a variety of entities to conceal the illegal source is called money laundering. In many cases, this money goes through several different businesses.
  • Drug crimes. Manufacturing, distributing and trafficking illegal drugs are often considered federal crimes, particularly when they involve large quantities, interstate or international operations.

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