A Law Firm to Help Your Medical Marijuana Business in California

We Have the Experience to Guide You Through the Business Formation Process

With the recent passage of laws allowing for state licensing for both medical and recreational marijuana, in addition to the push for the decriminalization of marijuana throughout the country, there are unique opportunities for entrepreneurs to start new businesses related to marijuana. To understand the complicated regulations associated with this industry, however, you need an experienced lawyer. At Shevin Law Group in Los Angeles, we have the experience required in this area. We deliver a full suite of services that help you get your marijuana-related business off the ground. With our team behind you, your new business venture starts here.

Medical Marijuana Business Formation Rules and Conditions

There are many new business opportunities in and around the expanding medical marijuana industry.  In order to obtain a state license once they become avaialble in 2018, a business must first obtain a local operating permit.  While many businesses have been operating in a grey area over the past decade, once state licenses are issued, businesses will be 100% illegal if they don't operate according to the Medical Cannabis Regulations and Safety Act ("MCRSA"). Shevin Law Group asssists businesses in obtaining permits and licenses while navigating the pitfalls and misunderstandings that lead to both civil and criminal penalties. We help you identify business opportunities in and around the medical marijuana industry, as well as evaluate whether or not these business opportunities are right for you.

Room For National Growth and Expansion

Large, publicly-traded companies have stocks on national exchanges that relate to the medical marijuana industry without ever touching medical marijuana as a product. If you have a business idea related to the medical marijuana industry and you need advice on how to implement that idea without breaking the law, your first step should to be to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys who understands all the issues surrounding marijuana nationally.  We will help protect you and your business from both the criminal and civil penalties that are associated with working in the medical marijuana industry, and do everything in our power to help make your business a success. 

A law firm with experience in marijuana business formation

Work with a firm that has become a national authority on marijuana law. Call Shevin Law Group today at 818.784.2700 or contact us online to set up your free initial consultation. Our team offers flexible office hours for your convenience and accepts payment by credit card. We’re proud to serve entrepreneurs throughout California and the country.